Jasper and Kirsty's Permaculture Garden


62 Aldinga Road, Willunga

Saturday 25 February 2023
Sunday 26 February 2023

10:00 AM
4:30 PM



Please bring cash as EFTPOS facilities are not always available. 


Jasper and Kirsty’s Permaculture Food Garden, which will now be called 'Wander, Gather, Ponder', is becoming one of Adelaide’s few forest gardens.

A natural forest doesn’t require external inputs such as fertiliser to thrive. By integrating nitrogen fixing and nutrient accumulating support plants, syntropic agriculture techniques, poultry waste, bio char creation, composting and innovative water management, soon Wander, Gather, Ponder will also be a self-sustaining forest. Every bit of the property is functionally utilised to produce food and water, herbs, flowers, firewood, weaving, and light weight building materials.

Examples of limiting waste and upcycling abound including mattress springs as trellises, lawn mower catchers as chicken nesting boxes, a chicken house made from garage doors and multiple examples of repurposed scrap concrete including two decorative garden walls. An almost countless number of different food plants provide a year-round varied supply of fresh produce originating from all corners of the globe.

This garden focuses on function rather than aesthetics. Flowering plants support the bee hive and native birds while many ‘weeds’ are also retained to provide habitat and preserve the soil. Wander, Gather, Ponder shows how sustainable living and a level of self-sufficiency are achievable.


Please note: this garden has a beehive and a well; it is not suitable for wheelchairs; toilets are a short walk up the road at the Willunga Rose Garden.

Size: 2000sqm.


Both days:

  • 11.30am: Introduction to permaculture, with Jasper
  • Art exhibition and sales: 'Loving the Living World - Permaculture, Gardens and Nature Connection', featuring the work of local artists including paintings, drawings, pottery, weaving, photography, sculpture, classic permaculture exhibits and a participatory experimental garden picture framing exploration (included with entry ticket) 
  • Hot and cold food
  • Vegetable and herb plant sales, with Simon
  • Introduction to weaving, with the Southern Basket Cases
  • Pottery sales
  • Live music


  • Afternoon - Bush tucker information and sales, with Aaron from Crikey Farm
  • 1.30pm: Forest gardening (syntropic agriculture), with Jasper
  • 2.30pm: Grafting workshop, with Simon


  • 1.30pm: Water management, with Jasper
  • 2.30pm: Pruning workshop, with Simon


Garden Notes

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Facilities & Activities

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The standard entry fee is $10 adults, $8 concession on presentation of the Eligible Commonwealth Government concession cards (which are the Pensioner Concession Card and the Health Care Card, but not a Seniors Card).  The concession is also available on presentation of a Horticultural Tertiary student concession card for TAFE students.  OGSA Members, including current season Garden Owners are eligible for the $8 concession on presentation of their Membership card.

Icons indicate if dogs on leashes are allowed or not allowed. Icons will also indicate the Garden’s  amenities including suitability for pushers and wheelchairs and toilet facilities. If these icons are not shown, these facilities are not available. Please click on Garden Protocol menu to see further information about  garden visits.

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