Henley Beach Gardens

Henley Beach

2 Chambers St, Henley Beach

Saturday 01 April 2023
Sunday 02 April 2023

10:00 AM
4:30 PM



Please bring cash as EFTPOS is not always available. Tickets ($15 for all gardens, no concessions) and map of 2km garden trail from Henley Community Garden. 



  • Five small private gardens, plus Henley Community Garden and Henley and Grange Art Society
  • The varied gardens offer a different take on maximising a small coastal plot
  • Coffee and wood oven pizza at Henley Community Garden
  • Art for sale at Henley and Grange Art Society
  • Please note: some gardens not suitable for wheelchairs; no dogs; there may be bees and water.

GARDEN 1: Henley Community Garden - tickets and maps - Raymond Street, Henley Beach 

A remarkable community garden – outstanding, orderly and vibrant! The many wicking beds are beautifully maintained by enthusiastic members, who together have planted an orchard, built composting bays and communal spaces where they can enjoy interactive activities. The raised beds are crammed with healthy edibles and a selection of flowering plants to attract pollinating insects, but this garden is more than a productive hub - lively mosaics and crafty objects add colour and charm. There are a frog pond, budgies and bees, while a large mural featuring chooks embellishes the home of the very spoilt resident hens. Old shipping containers have been repurposed as storage space, there is a green house, solar panels, water tanks and plenty of compost bays.

A deck for communal events was creatively constructed from timbers salvaged when the Grange jetty was rebuilt.

An inspirational, colourful and very friendly community garden!

GARDEN 2: Chester Street Garden

Diversity and interest in a small space! A front yard is planted with mainly coastal natives, including a magnificent banksia. The productive courtyard and back garden feature fruit trees and Mediterranean plantings. Food and garden waste are processed in worm farms and in the chook house with a pool view!

GARDEN 3: Henley on Sea

A delightful little seaside garden packed with salt tolerant coastal plants in the ground and in an eclectic collection of pots. Imaginative garden sculptures, colourful mosaics and water features add interest and a touch of whimsy.

GARDEN 4: Grevilleaville

The stars of this small garden are several stunning standard grevilleas underplanted with shrubs and ground covers. Dense plantings of bromeliads, bamboo, frangipani and an elegant water feature give the garden a touch of the tropics.

GARDEN 5: Coast Haven

An attractive garden with productive and ornamental planting. Wicking beds at the front grow vegetables and herbs, while the back garden is for entertaining, with a pool and alfresco eating areas.

GARDEN 6: Cottage Corner

A cottage style garden with edible plants popped in amongst colourful dahlias, zinnias, frangipani, hibiscus, bougainvillea and inherited roses. Fruit trees and a very successful bed of raspberries provide an abundance of fruit. 

Henley and Grange Arts Society (HAGAS)

HAGAS captures community creativity and colour on canvas, clay, ceramics and glass. Members have produced unique pieces featuring flowers, foliage and gardens. Varying from nostalgic to classic, contemporary, crafty, bright and definitely quirky, with all pieces for sale.


Garden Notes

Garden notes are written by the garden owner and often tell the story of their garden. Click the link below to download the notes and we suggest you print them and bring them to the garden.


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Facilities & Activities

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The standard entry fee is $10 adults, $8 concession on presentation of the Eligible Commonwealth Government concession cards (which are the Pensioner Concession Card and the Health Care Card, but not a Seniors Card).  The concession is also available on presentation of a Horticultural Tertiary student concession card for TAFE students.  OGSA Members, including current season Garden Owners are eligible for the $8 concession on presentation of their Membership card.

Icons indicate if dogs on leashes are allowed or not allowed. Icons will also indicate the Garden’s  amenities including suitability for pushers and wheelchairs and toilet facilities. If these icons are not shown, these facilities are not available. Please click on Garden Protocol menu to see further information about  garden visits.

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