Information for garden visitors:

The standard entry fee is $10 adults, $8 concession on presentation of the Eligible Commonwealth Government concession cards (which are the Pensioner Concession Card and the Health Care Card, but not a Seniors Card).  The concession is also available on presentation of a Horticultural Tertiary student concession card for TAFE students.  OGSA Members, including current season Garden Owners are eligible for the $8 concession on presentation of their Membership card.

OGSA is a non-profit Association and receives half of the entry fee to cover organisational costs. Garden owners keep half the entry fee but may indicate that they are donating all or part of the fee to their chosen charity.

To retain the goodwill of owners who open their gardens to the public, OGSA asks visitors to observe the following courtesies:

Open Days: Gardens are only open on the dates specified in this guide.

Fire Cancellation: Garden openings will be CANCELLED in fire rating districts on days which are declared as “Catastrophic”.

Privacy of the Garden Opener: Remember that you are visiting private property so please do not enter the house unless invited to do so. On the rare occasions when both the house and garden are open to visitors, these details are given in the garden entries.

Etiquette in the garden: Please do not remove any part of any plant from the garden. To identify a plant, take the person to the plant, not the plant to the person. Keep to paths to avoid trampling on plants. Please ensure you take away with you anything you brought into the garden and please do not litter. Please don’t create or encourage loud noise in the garden.

Children: Please ensure children are quiet and well supervised and that their behaviour does not distract from the quality of the experience of other visitors.

Dogs: No dogs (except Guide dogs) are permitted in the gardens unless the “dogs on leash permitted” icon is shown. If dogs are permitted, they must be on a leash and be under the control of the owner at all times. If the Garden Owner does not permit dogs, a “no dogs” icon will be shown.

Car Parking: Please park your car so that others can enter and leave the parking area without inconvenience and please don’t park where your car will damage the garden or its surroundings.

Photography: Please check that the owner is happy for you to photograph the garden before doing so. Photographs taken in the garden cannot be used for commercial purposes without prior permission of the garden owner.

Icons: Gardens suitable for wheelchairs and pushers and gardens with toilet facilities will display these icons.


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