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Saturday 4th August 2018,   2pm - 4pm

Anne Martin’s Garden

376 Glynburn Road, Kensington Gardens

Cost $35     Limited to 30 Participants

Afternoon Tea will be provided


Anne will conduct a tour of mosaics in her colourful garden followed by a demonstration workshop in the garden studio. Over the years she has adapted and simplified traditional methods of making mosaics and she will pass on clever tips and useful advice which will help those attending to confidently tackle their own projects later.

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Anne originally trained as a fashion designer and later was craft editor for Woman’s Day. Since the year 2000 she has applied her expertise in the use of colour to create stunning mosaics in her home from very large panels that cover entire walls to small birdbaths and bowls.  To ensure she has the perfect materials for a particular design, Anne often makes her own 3 dimensional tiles which are hand glazed and fired in vibrant colours in shapes of petals, leaves, fruit, fish or whatever is needed to create her picture.


Topiary pear trees laden with ripe yellow fruit, vines dripping with plump green grapes, pencil pines in pretty pots, flowering bird of paradise plants, birds, frogs, fish and fountains are just some of the stars of Anne Martin’s amazing colourful garden – and they are all made of mosaic!





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Succulent Wreath Workshop

Saturday 7th April 2018, 11am to 3pm

27 Carrick Hill Drive, Mitcham

Cost $65    Limited to 20 attendees

The workshop has been sold out

Wire Wreaths, sphagnum moss, soil and wire
will be supplied.

Lunch will be a baguette and cake.

There will be succulent plants for sale.
As these wreaths require numerous succulents,
you are encouraged to bring a supply of your own.

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