Jasper and Kirsty's Permaculture Garden


62 Aldinga Road, Willunga

Saturday 15 May 2021
Sunday 16 May 2021

10:00 AM
4:30 PM



This garden will open under a covid-safe plan. Please allow suitable distancing and follow health etiquette. Please check back prior to the weekend opening in case there has been any change in Health Department regulations.  

Permaculture is not just a way to garden, but a way of life. Kirsty and Jasper’s aim is to use every bit of their property functionally to produce nutritious foods and medicinal herbs, firewood, weaving and light weight building materials, drinking water and small animal habitat and to do it resourcefully and sustainably, thereby minimising their environmental footprint.  

It goes without saying that composting in this garden is a priority but as well, ways to harvest and store rainwater, how to limit waste and recycle wherever possible are well considered with some imaginative outcomes!  An almost countless number of different fruit trees as well as vegetables, vines, berries, medicinal and bush tucker plants fill the garden and provide a year-round varied supply of fresh produce.  Many are rare and unusual and originate from all corners of the globe – from tropical and subtropical to arid and cool climates.    

Jasper has diverted storm water from the street and formed a number of narrow ‘ephemeral creeks’ to take the run off from the front to the back of the property, distributing it throughout the garden. The moisture soaks deep into the soil and is available to the roots of the fruit trees in the summer months when the surface soil has dried out.   This garden focuses on function rather than aesthetics. Some flowering plants are grown, but many ‘weeds’ are also retained to provide habitat and preserve the soil. Everything in the garden is well thought through, and there are some ingenious outcomes like the discarded lawn mower catchers that have become cosy nesting boxes for their chickens and pigeons!  

Jasper and Kirsty’s garden shows how sustainable living and a level of self-sufficiency are achievable.  


Please note: this garden has a beehive and a well; it is not suitable for wheelchairs; toilets are a short walk up the road at the Willunga Rose Garden.

Extra activities:

  • Wicking bed talk, with David De Veres of  Fleurieu Food Gardening: 10.30am Saturday, 3,30pm Sunday;
  • Permaculture design tour, with Jasper: 11am–12pm both days;
  • Water harvesting tour, with Jasper: 1–2pm both days;
  • Pruning demonstration, with Simon Ardill: 2pm both days;
  • Gardens should not cost the earth tour, with Jasper: 2.30–3.30pm both days;
  • Grafting and budding demonstration, with Simon Ardill: 3.30pm Saturday, 4pm Sunday;

  • Lunches – local, seasonal, organic salads, stir fry and rice 12 – 2pm both days; Morning and afternoon teas – biscuits, cakes (organic where possible) throughout;

  • Basketry demonstrations 11.30am–3.30pm;
  • Wicking bed display - throughout by Fleurieu Food Gardening; 
  • There will be seasonal garden experiences available throughout the day such as Jerusalem artichoke harvesting, compost making, pop up garden wonder moments and if we are lucky a feijoa scramble for the kids, plus plant sales; live music; art - plan to stay the day!

Garden Notes

Garden notes are written by the garden owner and often tell the story of their garden. Click the link below to download the notes and we suggest you print them and bring them to the garden.


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Facilities & Activities

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