The Laurels, Crafers


42 Piccadilly Road, Crafers

Saturday 17 April 2021
Sunday 18 April 2021

10:00 AM
4:30 PM



This garden will open under a Covid Safe plan. Please allow suitable distancing and follow health etiquette. Please check back prior to the weekend opening in case there has been any change in Health Department regulations.


The Laurels is the much-loved property of acclaimed architect Pauline Hurren. The garden has a character all of its own - it wraps around the 19th century stone home like a well-worn glove! What started as a few well-established rhododendrons 60 years ago, is now a beautiful Hills' environment full of historic and unusual trees and shrubs, many putting on a beautiful show of autumn colour.

Beneath the trees, meandering paths lead to secret places - just some of the charm of this extensive garden which children will love to explore.

Pauline was inspired by the iconic Australian garden designer Edna Walling, who said: “For my part, I love all things most gardeners abhor...I like the whole thing to be as wild as possible, so that you have to fight your way through in places.”

The Laurels is without doubt wild in places but you cannot fail to be captivated by the layers of foliage, the towering trees and the feeling of being enveloped in a glorious green oasis.

Paths lead to quaint little bridges spanning the winter flowing creek, and from a terraced area there are views over the garden to a backdrop of magnificent trees. The twisted and entwined branches of a pair of very old cork oaks form an extraordinary contorted framework. Japanese anemones, plectranthus, tree dahlias and ginger add further colour to autumnal tones.


Extra activities: The gardener, Jenny, will do a walk and talk at 1pm both days on how to maintain a large garden. Owner and acclaimed architect, Pauline Hurren, will also be present to talk about the garden and history of the area.

Size: 4 acres, 1.6 hectares.

Please note: this garden is not suitable for prams or wheelchairs; it has a pond that fills after rain, and a fenced swimming pool; paths may be slippery when wet. Parking is available at Crafers Primary School.

The chosen charity is Crafers Primary School.

Garden Notes

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Facilities & Activities

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